Investment packages

Invest in USD or Bitcoin - 30 days packages

Principal included
  • $50-$2000 = 4%/d
  • $2001-$3500 = 4.5%/d
  • $3501-$7000 = 5%/d
  • $7001-$35000 = 6%/d
Principal included
  • 0.002Ƀ-0.05Ƀ = 4%/d
  • 0.05Ƀ-0.1Ƀ = 4.5%/d
  • 0.1Ƀ-0.2Ƀ = 5%/d
  • 0.2Ƀ-1Ƀ = 6%/d
Principal return
  • $30-$500 = 1.5%/d
  • $501-$3500 = 1.8%/d
  • $3501-$7000 = 2%/d
  • $7001-$35000 = 2.5%/d
Principal return
  • 0.001Ƀ-0.01Ƀ = 1.5%/d
  • 0.01Ƀ-0.1Ƀ = 1.8%/d
  • 0.1Ƀ-0.2Ƀ = 2%/d
  • 0.2Ƀ-1Ƀ = 2.5%/d
1 Affiliate level
2 Affiliate level
3 Affiliate level
3 levels affiliate program

IDELIVER LTD company is constantly developing an international partner business network so that our partners can build their own business and build a strong partner structure.


For every $ 5000 of the total investment turnover of the entire structure of partners, the leader will receive $ 200 reward. We can cooperate with partners according to the individual agreement, it depends on the partner's capabilities in the development of our company and personal communication skills.
We are always open to new proposals and interesting opportunities. Write us in contacts.

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Each account has an individual status.


The more partners there are in the structure, the higher account status you get.

Passive investor has no partners in the structure
0 active refs
No bonuses
Personal investments of at least $ 100 and 10 or more active investors
≥10 active refs
1 level - 8%
Personal investment of at least $ 500 and 30 or more active investors
≥30 active refs
1 level - 10%
Personal investments of at least $ 1000 and 50 or more active investors
≥50 active refs
1 level - 12%

The status bonus may increase depending on the total investment turnover across the entire structure of partners.
Each leader makes a profit from the turnover of the partner structure. The more invested, the higher the leader's bonus.


IDELIVER LTD company offers two directions of investment for partners.

Investment in tourism business:

- real estate (hotels, villas, public catering facilities, rent and sublease of private and commercial premises);
- tour operator activity;
- travel agency activities;
- health resort provision.
- transport and excursion services.
Investor can choose the most perspective business for himself.
Each tariff plan has a daily profit, but differs in the total monthly profitability.

IDELIVER LTD offers two types of investment packages:

- Investments with principal sum included (daily profit and investment amount accrued every day). The total profitability from 4% to 6% per day;
- Investments with principal sum return (investment amount will be returned in the end of the deposit term). The total profitability from 1.5% to 2.5% per day;
- Terms of deposits 30 days;
- Investment packages with principal sum included provide daily profit of 4% to 6%;
Principal sum return investment packages provide daily returns of 1.5% to 2.5%;
- The minimum withdrawal amount is 0.1 $ or 0.001Btc;
- Each partner chooses the currency for investment. You can make a deposit both in dollars and in bitcoins.