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About us

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If you are not ready to build a business and make money, but you have a desire to do it, then we will help you. It is necessary to work in the team and to have constant support from us!

Let's spend time and vitality on what we are interested in and what brings us money!

Why is it profitable to cooperate with us?

  • IDELIVER LTD is constantly developing an international partner business network so that our partners can build their own business and build a strong partner structure.
  • Our goal is to build a powerful investment and income model in the emerging logistics and tourism market.Each of our areas of activity can insure the risk of our investments talking about force majeure in one of the areas of investment. Therefore, we exclude all possible risks and constantly analyze our income and development prospects in one direction or another.

Why our business model and ideas are beneficial to our partners?

We spend our time and life energy only on what we are interested in and what brings us money!

We propose to build a logistics business on the MLM principle and give each of our partners and leaders the opportunity to be the part of the company's mechanism. Also, each of our partners has an excellent opportunity to develop their own business with us, having a desire to work, to develop their own partner base and earn more and more money.

The matter of fact,not a single logistics company in the world works according to our principle. We are the first one to build our business with you.Do you still think and doubt in your capabilities? You don't need to be afraid of failure, you need to be confident in what you are doing. We will teach, tell, help and support. The success of each of our partners is our common success of the entire team. Let's face reality and you will see that the world is changing. All promising companies move to another level of investment and use all modern tools for making transactions online. We use the same principle and we are confident that all logistics can be carried out using online tools and all calculations can be made using electronic money and cryptocurrency transactions.

Our principles

Let's summarize and make the decision. Why my choice is IDeliver?


The main goal of each of our partners is to learn what our company offers, to build its own network structure, to become a successful businessman and an experienced investor.

  • the ability to build your business according to the MLM model and constantly increase your income; 
  • to work online using electronic wallets and make payments using cryptocurrencies; 
  • each passive investor can receive high income and constantly increase the share of investments in the company without risk and without restrictions; 
  • to work together with professionals and to have constant information about the prospects for investing talking about new directions according to the analysis and decisions of the company's specialists.
Sulaman Mohammed
IDeliver CEO