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Aсtivity of the company is based on the network model of cooperation. Each issuer of the company is our partner and constantly receives high income. We are moving faster than you might think.

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  • Only cryptocurrency is converted into Bitcoin balance
  • The partner chooses the currency for investment, it can be USD or Bitcoin
  • Each investment package has its own price, investment currency and daily profit
  • Investments can be made both in USD and in Bitcoin, depending on the payment processor you use

We offer two types of investment packages:

  • Investments with principal included (daily profit and investment amount accrued every day)
  • Investments with principal return (investment amount will be returned at the end of the deposit term)

  • Packages description

U$D Packages


  • You earn USD every day
  • Terms of deposits 30 days
  • The minimum withdrawal 0.10$
  • Packages with principal included provide daily profit of 4% to 6%
  • Principal return packages provide daily returns of 1.5% to 2.5%
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Ƀitcoin Packages


  • You earn BTC every day
  • Terms of deposits 30 days
  • The minimum withdrawal 0.001Ƀ
  • Packages with principal included provide daily profit of 4% to 6%
  • Principal return packages provide daily returns of 1.5% to 2.5%
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IDeliver Services

01 Tourism

We are working closely with tour operators and conducting network travel agent activities. With the help of our company, you can become a successful businessman in the
tourism industry.

02 Transport and cargo

Delivery of goods and transportation is one of the profitable areas of our income line. By partnering with the largest logistics companies, we can provide more investment and generate impressive income.

03 Infrastructure and real estate

Hotels and catering facilities are an integral part of any resort. But to build all necessary big capital is needed. From our side, do not pretend for the entire hotel and restaurant business, part of this area, will be enough.

About us

Powerfull Features of IDeliver


The international logistics business network IDELIVER LTD is engaged in financial support and direct investment in the infrastructure of the tourism and logistics business, delivery of goods and all kinds of transportation. The entire business of our company is built on the network model of cooperation, where each investor is not a client, but a partner.

The company was founded in 2012 and during this time has already gained authority among our partners and satellite companies. Numerous awards and international recognition of our brand create a positive basis for attracting more capital and signing contracts in various areas of logistics and tourism.

In promoting our brand, we use the MLM system of cooperation with our partners. This is the most effective way to advertise our product. We offer to become a part of our team.

Our product is our brand, that brings high profit to each of our partners. Choose an investment package for yourself and get guaranteed high income.

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How we work

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Create an account on our website. Fill out the required form and read the terms of cooperation.


Fill in the personal details of your account. Indicate the necessary contacts for communication.

Payment information

Specify all the details of your e-wallets. Please add all existing wallets for further work.


Select the investment package you would like, top up your account balance and buy this offer.

Сalculate your exact income:
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You must know your profit.

Select one of the offered benefit packages and the system will automatically calculate the profit. It is important to know your profit at the moment. This process is not complicated, you just need to use the automatic yield calculation form.

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What we do

We are creating the future in logistics



Hotels and public catering facilities.

We are constantly expanding our participation in the construction of facilities to meet the needs of the tourism business.



Shipping partner companies

Many companies cooperate with us, that fulfill 20% of all global logistics needs.


50 000

The general structure network

The MLM system justifies our expectations and we are constantly expanding the structure of our partners who promote our brand.


Complete control over
your business

By choosing our company, you get full access to all financial instruments and get a unique opportunity to build your network business using our MLM system.

Having all the opportunities to work with partners, you can easily ensure yourself a steady income, you just need to take advantage of our offer and take the right step.


Our latest news
& updates

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Russian and German locations
We are expanding opportunities for our partners. Russian and German locations have been added to our website. We are trying to improve our service and opportunities for our partners. Use this to get more comfort while working with our website. It becomes easier and more profitable to cooperate with us!
03 Mar 2021
We connected the new ePayCore payment system
We analyzed and studied the new dollar processor. This is an electronic wallet that is already popular among partners, which we have connected to our website. We expand our capabilities and promote comfortable work for each of our partners! It just got easier to invest in IDELIVER LTD investment packages!
01 Mar 2021
We have connected a USDT withdrawals
We have connected a USDT(TRC20) processor. It is one of the most popular token in the cryptocurrency market. It becomes easier for each user of our platform to invest and make a profit in cryptocurrency transactions. Our team always makes the best statistics and always helps our partners. Try withdraw with USD(TRC20).
22 Feb 2021
Popularization and stability.
We always work with the trend and always move quickly. Our business model provides opportunities for development and profit for each of our clients. Build your own business with us. Your desires meet our capabilities. It is very easy to become a partner of the company.
08 Feb 2021
Is COVID-19 a Business Problem? Is there a vaccine for profit?
Our answer is no, no. We understand that now every investor needs high profits and a stable business. IDELIVER LTD gives each partner the opportunity to be in a strong team, work online, communicate with curators, and receive constantly new knowledge. A team vaccine and support for each other is profitable, stable and promising.
Our new ideas are delivered quickly, we get a stable profit, we build a powerful business.
08 Feb 2021

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A unique application for managing your investments is already in development. You can manage your investment packages and get profit with incredible speed and ease.


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For all questions, you can contact us at any contacts that are listed on our special page. If you are already a registered, then you can ask all questions through your personal dashboard.

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